As part of the Faro Aviation's on-going support of aviation-related charities, Faro has donated over 200 headsets to Mission Aviation Fellowship

"MAF is bringing hope and vital resources to some of the most remote and in-need regions of the world," said Kevin Faro, president of Faro Aviation, "this is general aviation at its best and we are glad to be supporting MAF's mission." 

Donation included Faro's state-of-the-art G2 ANR and PNR aviation headsets. Mission pilots and passengers will be able to use these headsets for crystal clear, quiet, and comfortable communication that Faro is known for. 

"As the manager of the Avionics Department for Mission Aviation Fellowship, I would like to personally thank you for thinking of us and our world-wide ministry to people in need everywhere," said Timothy Dyk. 

About MAF

MAF operates a fleet of 52 light aircraft from 15 bases in six countries in Africa, Asia, Eurasia, and Latin America. Our pilots save valuable travel time and cover seemingly impossible distances in minutes or hours compared to days by foot, road, or river. Each year, we fly over two million nautical miles to speed the work of some 600 Christian and humanitarian organizations. MAF flights support indigenous churches and local evangelists, create access to medical care, provide disaster relief, and make community development projects possible ... in some of the most remote places on earth.

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About Faro Aviation

FARO Aviation has been a leading aviation supplier since 1999. Pilot owned and operated, we offer a range of commercial-grade, active and passive noise-reduction headsets and accessories. They are in use by thousands of pilots, including in general aviation, by airline captains and business jet crews, major freight operators and at flight schools and aviation enterprises worldwide.

Our headsets feature state-of-the-art technology for noise reduction and audio clarity, a fully customizable fit with soft leather ear protection for maximum comfort, integration with personal electronics for audio playback, low weight and rugged construction.

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