G2 PNR Headset (Passive)

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G2 PNR Headset (Passive)

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  • As Featured on AOPA ePilot, AvWeb, and Airventure Oshkosh.

  • With precise and clear audio, Faro G2 offers everything you would want in an aviation headset. 

  • Backed by Faro's legendary 3-Year Full Coverage Warranty.

  • 100% Money-Back-Guarantee

  • Free Shipping to Continental U.S. 

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As Featured on:

AOPA ePilot


Large Soft Cushion

Extra Comfort for long cross-country flights. Made of soft, durable fiber, the cushion makes the headset feel extra light. 



Faro Top Cushion

Always Loud. Always Clear.

Fully adjustable microphone beam with wind screen allows ATC and your companions to hear you loud and clear. Microphone has been perfected to deliver high quality, crystal clear communication.


Silicone Gel Ear Protection
Soft ultra-thick gel ear protection provides you with an amazing 26db in noise reduction and comfortably protects your ears. Leather ear cushions are available for purchase separately.


+ Dual Volume Controls

+ MP3 / iPhone Audio Input

How does it measure up?


  David Clark®
H 10-20
Noise Reduction  24dB 23dB   23dB  26dB
Technology PNR  PNR  PNR  PNR+ 
Weight 21oz  12oz  17.5oz  13oz 
Audio / MP3 Input No  No  No  Yes 
Full Flexible Microphone Yes  No  Yes  Yes 
Dual Volume Control No  No  Yes  Yes 
Dual Silcone Gel Ear Protection No No  No  Yes 
Available in Multiple Colors No  No  No  Yes 
Replacement Warranty No  No  No  Yes 
Price $299  $129  $149  $189 



Protected by Faro's Legendary
3-Year Full Coverage Warranty


If anything happens to your headset, simply ship it back to Faro Aviation and receive a brand new replacement within 3 years of purchase. 




Connection Type: GA Standard Dual Plug or Helicopter. Adapters are available via accessories page.


Download FARO G2 PNR Owner's Manual

Customer Reviews

Awesome headset with the plug for my iPad! Review by Bill
Noise Reduction
Quality and price and a great way to connect with my iPad. Thanks for a GREAT product. (Posted on 2/23/2018)
Good product if you are tight on budget Review by Rajendra Gahlawat
Noise Reduction
I will recommend this to anybody who is tight on budget and don't want noise cancellation. If you can spend a bit more go for G2 ANR, or save for G2 ANR if you can. Noise cancellation makes some difference for good. I've both G2 PNR and G2 ANR and I'll always use ANR over PNR. (Posted on 10/8/2017)
Great product Review by Avi8ta
These headsets are a great bit of gear, mic pickup could be a little better but saying that, its better than alot of others I have used. They are very comfortable, quiet, and radio communication is clear I wouldn't hesitate to recommend these headsets to anyone else. Fantastic product, fantastic price, great customer service. Well done FARO! (Posted on 9/15/2016)
Excellent Review by Chuck
My only negative would be that the ear cushions come off easily and are difficult to put back on. I put several rubber bands around them to help keep them in place. (Posted on 9/12/2016)
Very pleased with Faro headset! Review by AirWolf
I just got my private pilot license, and was looking to purchase two inexpensive headsets, one for myself and one for a passenger. I got the Faro, and a Sigtronics S20. The passenger will be using the Sigtronics, because the Faro beats it hands down! Much better quality, comfort and sound. It was a great deal. I even found a coupon code online for 15% off. Get a Faro, you wont be dissapointed! Happy Flying! (Posted on 8/25/2016)
Great Headset. Fast shipment.. AA++ Review by cateye144
Good headset, it is pretty comfortable to wear, I had to adjust the height of the headset, that's fairly easy to do with screws. I have used it in about a dozen cross country flights and didn't come across any issues. MP3 input is nice especially in areas where you are not dealing with too much ATC. I wish a flight bag came with the headset, other than that, it is a very descent headset. (Posted on 8/23/2016)
Great first set or extras to have Review by Jay
Great first headset.I looked at many different brands and this seemed comparable to ones that were double in price. Good audio quality and reliable. I was getting annoyed with the rental sets at the school. (Posted on 8/4/2016)
All I can say is I can hear all the conversation clearly. The other headset....... Review by Bernard
All I can say is I can hear all the conversation clearly. The other headset i use before was not as clear maybe because of a lot of noise in the background. I will be using this for my entire training. I will post more review for update in the future. Thx. FARO (Posted on 8/1/2016)
good for the money Review by tom
the headset is light, does not sqoosh you head and is quiet. glad i bought it. (Posted on 7/8/2016)
Very comfortable. Good quality and super price. I would highly recommend this one to anyone in the market. Review by Dave
Use this about 4-5 hours per week. Needed no adjustment for comfort fit. For a passive system I don't believe it can be beat. (Posted on 6/10/2016)
quite impressed Review by Jay
I've been flying with the loaner headsets at the local flying school, and I have to nearly yell in them to activate the intercom. The g2's mic works so well, I had to move the mic away a little bit or it would pick up every little sound out of my mouth. I've only flown with them once so far but, they impressed me quite a bit. Not to mention they are half the price of a name branded one. The quality of sound out of the earphones were amazing also. It seems that they are tuned excellent for voice, so ATCs and other pilots are no problem to hear. The MP3 hookup is a neat feature, but it is not perfect. The speakers are tuned to voice, so any music is not good quality... I didn't buy them for music anyhow.

I'm not going to recommend them over a lightspeed or a Bose if you've got the money, but as a student spending all my extra income on flying, they are the way to go.

Thanks (Posted on 5/30/2016)
Nicely packaged. Rapid Shipment and as advertised. Nice product. Review by SkyFiber99T
Nicely packaged. Rapid Shipment and as advertised. Nice product. (Posted on 5/12/2016)
Nice, would buy again Review by Chillysurfer
I like these headsets and would order again. the only real suggestion I could make is that the ear pads keep coming off and are difficult to put back on; especially if you have the engine running and the Hobbs time is clicking. (Posted on 5/3/2016)
Good set for the money Review by Brent
I was buying it for a second set for my wife and it is very comfortable and works great as my passenger set. Good buy (Posted on 5/2/2016)
Very Nice Product Review by Joel H
I Recently purchased a G2 headset. As a student pilot, I was not sure what to look for prior to the purchase. I took a gamble with the FARO G2, based on previous reviews. I love them. The first day out of the box, used them for 2 hrs. The noise cancellation,comfort and overall quality is very good. Thank you for a very nice product.

Joel H. (Posted on 4/23/2016)
nearly 100% score Review by Wife of Piper Clipper owner
Noise Reduction
This headset is all around great with an outstanding price. The only flaw with this headset is that I can't seem to adjust the volume on it. Does it just not come with volume control? It's a bit too quiet for me.

== Faro Team: Dear Steve, please find volume control on each ear cup. They can be individually assisted. If you still find your headset too quiet, please contact us at 1-855-FLYFARO (Posted on 4/18/2016)
I am very happy with your product... great price and very good qualities and very happy about the commercial treatment. THANKS. (Posted on 4/8/2016)
Great Headset Review by Lucious
Headset is really nice. I am glade I was able to find your web site before buying another headset of less quality and higher price. I am waiting for the colors to arrive and when they do I will be buying the noise cancellation headset.

Thanks, yours truly
Lucious (Posted on 2/11/2016)
shipment Review by martial.labarthe
A very good headset, apparently well built, I could not be compared to a similar David Clark, but the sound quality is very good ... the only criticism concerns the shipment, which would have merited an anti-shock in the box that arrived at my house, fortunately without crushing. I highly recommend this G2 headset, especially at this price ... (Posted on 12/30/2015)
Very nice product Review by Tyerby
Comfort was better than my old DC headset. The MP3 plug in is nice (Posted on 12/16/2015)
Nice headset Review by JPelovitz
I like them, I just wish the cables were easier to manage. (Posted on 12/9/2015)
premium product Review by tourgood433
everything is great about the headset.. just i dont like the production show on website. because i selected the red one looking from website. its a bright red but when the product comes to me its a matt red and i dont like it. website designers should use the exact colors of products when showing different colors of the headset. (Posted on 11/22/2015)
Good Product Review by WillyG
The comfort was better then the well worn headsets of my flight instructor. Only complaint is that you have to have the mic on your lips to get it to work. Overall I think a good product for the price. (Posted on 10/29/2015)
Great Buy Review by Broy
The price was right and the quality of the product was a a little better than I was expecting. I am very pleased with the purchase of my G2 Headset. (Posted on 10/15/2015)
Great headset and a low price. Review by Bill
For the price, this was an excellent purchase. I can't tell a lot of difference between these and some of the much more expensive brands. (Posted on 10/11/2015)
satisfied purchase! Review by matador
I bought the headsets not having any information from other pilots about this brand of headsets, so I was a little skeptical about that.
But I use them regularly and I'm satisfied with this purchase. The sound is good, noise reduction is good, I really liked the option that you
have in choosing different colors headsets. I would definitely recommend these headsets without a doubt.

The only negative thing I could think of is that after a while the gel-pads do get a little tight and uncomfortable around your ears..
they're not the "softest" but just get you uncomfortable - Not pain

(Posted on 9/23/2015)
Excellence Review by St3v3
Amazing feel, and comfortability, very affordable and rewarding! Thx!!! (Posted on 8/14/2015)
Great headset Review by cbreeze
Great headset at this price point. I would definitely purchase these again. (Posted on 7/21/2015)
Very good with small quality issues Review by byron
I like the headset so far. It lives up to claims for comfort and was reasonably priced. Noise reduction is generally fine, and sound quality is good. No problems for me with the mike ... it's long enough and easily adjustable for bend and vertical positioning. The only real problem I had was the last flight, where the ear gels became unattached at some point. The didn't actually fall off until I took the headset off, but I could imagine being in the air and trying to reattach them, and how that might be tricky. (Posted on 7/10/2015)
great headset Review by tal
so far i am very satisfied. the price is incomparable.

cons: the boom arm is short by 2'' (Posted on 7/7/2015)
Great Product Review by Chris Brocato
I have a set of red ones and they work great. The price is awsome.

Amazing quality for the price. (Posted on 6/25/2015)
Excellent value! Definitely recommend this headset. Review by FlyingRookieOK
As always I do what my wife calls, an "excessive amount" of research online prior to buying anything. These may not be as good as the $1000 set of Bose (I haven't got to try them) but they perform very well and the ear pieces make them very comfortable. I have had absolutely no issues and would highly recommend these. (Posted on 6/21/2015)
best haed set I have owned Review by Kyle D.
I hav eused it for two years and it works flawlessly (Posted on 6/20/2015)
Great price and comfort Review by Dr. Dialtone
This is my first headset ever purchased since I'm a student pilot. Love the comfort and affordability, but I noticed I needed to keep the mic almost at my lips in order to be heard by my instructor. Looking forward to using them for years to come. (Posted on 6/17/2015)
G2 Review by Nicholas
Noise Reduction
Before I purchased the G2 headset, I had used headsets by David Clark and ASA. The quality (construction) of the G2 was surprisingly good!
The microphone in communication is extremely clear, and the boom is tight yet flexible, It's also comfortable to wear. This is a great student pilot / Private pilot headset for under $200! The best part about the G2 headset is the company behind it, Faro Aviation, they offer outstanding service and you can't beat that.

#inspirenick (Posted on 5/13/2015)
Great product Review by Flying Solo
I like the fit and the weight. Noise reduction is also good. Good product so far (Posted on 4/2/2015)
top of the line Review by wmo
the customer service was great, they answered all my questions and concerns since i was not familiar with this company. they new which cables to connect to my radio and what ptt switch i would need. other places i called did not provide this information.

the headset is very well made and very comfortable. since i fly in the open air, noise is usually a problem especially when transmitting and air is blowing into the mouthpiece. i solved that with a leather cover on the front side which solved the problem.
i am very satisfied with this unit and i would recommend it over other high priced units, thanks. wmo (Posted on 2/5/2015)
Headset to keep Review by Brandon Richmond
Faro may not be as fancy or have as many features as the Lightspeed and Bose, but for a descent price you get the best utilitarian headset available. Do I really need to hook up blue tooth to my headset? I can't think of a scenario where that would be useful, its not like my phone works when we are airborne or is safe to use. This headset has easily met and exceed all my requirements as a pilot, I would recommend the Faro for any new pilots looking to maximize their investment. (Posted on 2/3/2015)
Great value Review by Skymac
I love these for the price. (Posted on 1/23/2015)
Great value to price ratio! Received compliments from instructors as a good deal. USed them to complete my private pilot license in 2013! Review by RWJRocker
My FARO pilots headset purchase was important because I needed a cost effective, yet high quality headset that would last throughout my private pilot training. At $189 I got more than what I paid for and even my instructors though it was a good value to price ratio for other headsets they had purchased. (Posted on 1/20/2015)
Good product Review by EAD
Overall a good product at a good price, and a good looking headset. (Posted on 1/8/2015)
Great headset for the price Review by ctywide
Great headset for the price (Posted on 12/30/2014)
Great value Review by Sam
I've had these 6 months and have been very happy. There is nothing comparable for the price and these are as good as any PNR set, even those that cost twice as much. (Posted on 12/19/2014)
Great Review by Tim
I had never heard of FARO but found that they work just as well as the David Clark headsets I had years ago. I could not resist getting two headsets for the price of one. This time it paid off. Thanks. (Posted on 12/19/2014)
Great headset. Very comfortable and better looking than the comparable David Clark. Review by Jonathan
love the headset. But i can figure out what the switch on the cable is for. i do not notice any difference when i switch it from one setting to the other.

-- FARO: Thanks for your feedback. The switch is for Mono / Stereo - it depends on your aircraft avionics. Most planes will require Mono and if set to incorrect setting, usually hearing is lost in one side of the headset. (Posted on 11/26/2014)
Silicone Ear Gel detaches during flight. Review by CA
Silicone Ear Gel detaches during flight while adjusting headset. Had to continue flight and landed without an ear pad. Would like a replacement of ear gels or headset to get this fixed.

-- Please contact FARO customer service at 1-855-359-3276 for replacement. (Posted on 11/13/2014)
Headset Review by Ycyukon
Product is very good and working well, the two only thigs I can say that I am not to please with is the gel hear cushion are very easy to cum off and to be lost and the second is the jam nut to adjust the hear muff cum loose on it's own and are very easy to crossthread. But overall I love mine. I had to order spare gel muff and they quite hard to install. (Posted on 11/8/2014)
Lightweight and confortable Review by MichaelP337
I'm a pilot who had not flown in 24 years. The faro headset is amazing. I am flying a P337 Skymaster, an airplane known for being noisy. ATC is loud and clear! I'll be buying another for my wife. (Posted on 10/28/2014)
Great Value Review by toto
Bought the headset for my son and he likes them. The sound is clear, both ways between pilot and co-pilot.
The Quality is superb. However, after 30 minutes of using the headset it leaves pressure marks around the ears. It was the first time my son used it and I believe once he is using it several times the pressure of the ear cushions should reduce.

Compared other headsets for pilots and they are unbelievable expensive with poor reviews. The Faro headset had the best reviews and the price is right!
(Posted on 10/15/2014)
Great headset, great price. Review by Boan
I was a little nervous when looking into the FARO headset because of the price (too good to be true, right?). One of my friends had one, though, and I asked him how he liked it and he said it worked great. I don't have a ton of money to spend, because I'm already attending a pretty pricy flight school, so I decided to go for it. I really haven't had any regrets in the six months I've had it. My one issue with the headset is the ear pieces. I have pretty sensitive ears, so even normal earbuds tend to hurt my ears, and the FARO headset wasn't any different. The other thing was the gel packs for comfort kept coming off. Not a big deal when you finally figure out the best way to put them back on, but the first time it took me 15-20 minutes to get them back on.

Really, though, as far as quality goes, this headset is the way to go. (Posted on 10/9/2014)
Super!!! Review by Gaël
Nice headset, i'm very satisfied it works great!!!

Greetings from France. ;-) (Posted on 8/25/2014)
Great Headset Review by B17 AV8R
Fits perfect, added cotton socks to them to keep my ears from sweating & it made them more comfortable. My buddies have DC headsets, but really envy mine. (Posted on 8/18/2014)
Great headset Review by Pam
Noise Reduction
Great headset. Been using in the flight school and getting many raving reviews on them. 2 students have purchased them after trying....helps cut down the helicopter noise!! (Posted on 6/14/2014)
Awesome Best Headset in it class Review by crevei
I was looking at David Clark and a few others. My ebay Flightline Head Set serverd me well for the $50.00 I paid for it. Alas it started to short out. I started looking and came across the website. I read the review but waited skeptically asking other student and instructors if they had heard of Faro, no one had. I finally bit the bullet a spend the money, primarily based on the review. I figured if they were faked, I could just return them. I was suspicious because the reviews were so good for a product priced significantly less than other in the same class. I was amazed, lighter and more comfortable than the David Clark I had borrowed a few times, but the sound quality and noise cancellation were much better too. I extremely pleased with the product. If you need a headset this is a great value for your dollar. BTW I have a fat head, but they adjusted perfectly. (Posted on 6/13/2014)
Flaw in boom mike Review by Neal
Like every thing about the head set except the floppy boom mike. It doesn't hold it's adjustment well at all and it seems to be about an inch short to fit well. If the mike can be tightened easily, could I get some help in doing so--Thanks

-- Please contact us for a free replacement. Faro Headsets are covered by a 3-Year Replacement Warranty. (Posted on 5/30/2014)
Very Pleased Review by Scott
I am very happy with my Faro G2 PNR headset. I have used a friends set of David Clark and the G2 is every bit as good but more comfortable. I appreciate the volume control on each ear as well. I definately recommend the G2 and plan on purchasing another set for passengers. (Posted on 5/2/2014)
Very good Review by PA22 150
The best option in its price range. Comfortable for the first 2.5 hours. Quality sound and passive noise reduction. My gel packs came off a time or two. Upgraded to the Lightspeed Sierra. But the FARO G2s are the best thing under $200. (Posted on 5/1/2014)
Nice value, comfort, and clarity Review by DavidG
Noise Reduction
I'll add to the compliments of others -- the passive noise reduction is very acceptable, audio both ways is clear, and the headset is light and padded enough to be comfortable. I've added DC ear covers now that the weather is warmer, and they work great. I'm ordering a set for my wife too. It will be a while before I can justify ANR, based on the effectiveness of these. (Posted on 3/13/2014)
comfortable Review by peter
I trained in the classic David Clarks and thought...meh...they work, but could be better. I also knew I would never drop the money on a pair of Bose ( tried em...not impressed) then Faro sent me an offer too good to pass on, tried it and don't believe I could do any better. thank you for a pair of comfortable clear headphones that I can use for many years (Posted on 1/31/2014)
Great headset. Quiet and comfortable. Review by John
I bought a pair of these for my Grumman Cheetah. The headsets are very comfortable and quiet, even with the canopy open at 110kts. The mic is very quiet and doesn't pic up much wind noise. I added more padding to the headband since it was lacking in that department. I also added some cloth ear seal covers to help absorb the sweat on hot days. With the additions they are the perfect headset. I am very happy I didn't spend $2k+ on two Bose headsets. Two Faros with shipping were cheaper than the cheapest David Clarks! When we upgrade our intercom to a 4 place I will be ordering 2 more! (Posted on 1/27/2014)
For the money an excellent product Review by Markthecop
Very good and durable. I enjoy the comfort on long cross country flights as well as it's ability to link into other communications or cell phone. (Posted on 1/25/2014)
good choice Review by rooster
Used them for the first time last night. They were comfortable and generally very good. My biggest complaint is the range of volume on the ear pieces. I couldn't turn them down enough without turning down the speaker on the panel? I do remember reading something about stereo vs. mono that could be the problem. I will go back and look. All in all I was very pleased. After much research I think the Faro G2 was the right choice for me. Low time private pilot since 1983 just returning to flying after 12 years. (Posted on 1/18/2014)
awesome Review by Flying Joe
This headset arrived in a great condition, very fast shipping and just the best headset out there for your money.
I tried a Bose headset on the same flight to compare and I actually liked this one better because it gave more noise cancellations without batteries and fits over your whole ear better.
Y'all just did a super job on the whole thing.
And also I didn't have to spend 800.00 bucks on a used Bose or over a thousand bucks for a new one.
One more thing, this headset came with a music port and the Bose x doesn't have one!!!!!!! (Posted on 1/7/2014)
95% Review by tonkaboy007
These headphones are wonderful, but if one of the ear pads comes off, they are very hard to get back on.
All in all, these are great! (Posted on 12/11/2013)
Awesome! Review by K rock
Absolutley the best deal for the money. Comfortable, best price around, and most importantly QUALITY. As far as I can tell my headset will be around for awhile. An instructor at my school made the the recommendation and I'm completlly satisfied. Thanks (Posted on 11/12/2013)
Excellent starter headset Review by SJWhiteley
Having just started flying, being on the lookout for a decent headset at a low price, the Faro headset seemed to fit the bill. And it does. While the main advice is to buy the best you can afford, I didn't want to have an expensive headset sit in the drawer if it wasn't quite right. With this Faro headset, however, the risk is minimized. You can get a feel for a decent quality headset without a large investment.

This headset just works. It is a solid build, and good quality. The only 'knock' I have are that it seems quite heavy and bulky, but no more so than a couple of others that my instructor has. Additionally, the cable seems fairly stiff; it may take a while for the kinks to relax. The fit could be better, but perhaps that's my head. after a few minutes, it doesn't seem at all noticeable. The mike goes exactly where you want it, with the gooseneck holding it's position.

If I needed a second headset, or a set for passengers, I'd, without a doubt, purchase these again. (Posted on 10/12/2013)
Excellent piece at unbelievably low price Review by Srini
Used this in more than one aircraft that I fly; the result was consistent, given the VHF equipment varied in age, and the noise reduction quality was also good. The set is also very comfortable on your head and light in weight, and would certainly recommend this for novices as well as professionals. (Posted on 10/9/2013)
Great price Review by john1112
I purchased this headset after some research. I find it to be a very comfortable, although bulky, headset. My only complaint is the boom for the microphone. It doesn't like to stay in place; with that being said, I will purchase the anr model as my next headset.
(Posted on 9/29/2013)
nice to choose the color Review by Cushionplus
i just got mine and i like the headset very much, i guess primarily because i can choose the pink color which i never found in other headsets. i had a dc headset before this one which i had bought second hand from the flight school and this one is MUCH MUCH better. didn't try Boss and Lightspeed yet but the price is so high so with me saving penny by penny to keep some change for the flying, they don't fit in my pocket but i tried my instructors and besides the weight (boss is lighter) and a bit "fitter" earpeices, didn't notice much difference... overall i'm a happy camper with this one (Posted on 9/22/2013)
Very good Review by lucair
Low price for high quality. I reccomend it to all my fellow pilots and students. (Posted on 8/3/2013)
Great Headset Review by Brian
I'm a student pilot so I don't have a lot to compare these to besides an old pair of sigtronics that my flight school has. The ear gels are very comfortable and I hardly know I'm wearing them. The mic is very clear and the individual volume controls are nice. My only complaint is that the ear gels fall off pretty easily; never while I'm wearing the headset but sometimes when I take the headset off an ear gel will come off too. It's easy to get back on though. (Posted on 7/31/2013)
What a deal! Review by KPDKDan
This headset is great, especially for a starter headset or a second headset. They are slightly bulkier then my David Clarks and there is a bit more background noise when keying the mic but you can't beat them for under $200. I would absolutely recommend this headset. (Posted on 7/1/2013)
Excellent Headset, especially for the price Review by Chris
Compared to the FBO-supplied headsets I had been using, these are a dream.
I've used mine for 2 months & 13 flight hours now, and believe the G2 is comparable to other brands' models at double the price. (Posted on 6/16/2013)
Well designed and constructed headset. Review by Hawk
A high quality headset that is designed and constructed very well. It is comfortable to wear and it reduces the aircraft noise well. The ICS and radio communications are clear. (Posted on 6/7/2013)
First Solo Review by Brian S
Wanted to say was worried about buying my first headset but i am so glad that i bought a Faro G2 i Just went on my First Solo today and Love the clarity of this headset my headset is clearer than my instructors who is using a light speed and it is always cutting out and crackling kinda funny i told him to go buy a FARO and he said he would look into it i hope he does then he to can enjoy the quiet sound and crisp clear sound of a FARO headset i just posted a Picture to your Facebook page of me and my Faro Thanks so much Brian S (Posted on 6/4/2013)
Great Headset Review by Keny
Great features for a very inexpensive headset. I really do like them and find them comparable to some of the other expensive headsets I have used. I don't foresee me replacing these for a pair of Zulus or Bose. I wished I had seen the ANR ones before I purchased my PNR set. It would be nice if they had bluetooth. Great job FARO, I am impressed with my headset and love them. I look forward to many more flights with them. (Posted on 5/27/2013)
Good Starter Headset Review by Darryl
This is overall a good student/starter headset. The audio is good, and I love the dual volume control. The flexible mic boom is nice, but I am inclined to say that it could be a tad longer. The audio MP3 jack with included 3.5mm line is nice too, but the audio for this seems to run on a secondary level/channel (which makes sense, but don't expect good music quality with it). The ear padding is okay, but it still gets a little uncomfortable after extended use - tolerable though. The noise reduction is probably its best feature. I'll be using this set for a while, and depending on how long it lasts I will definitely consider getting another one. (Posted on 4/30/2013)
Excellent Review by Bob / Dana
I was a bit concerned about some of the comments regarding the sensivisty of the mic as well as the positioning. Upon use, I no longer have any concerns at all. The length and adjustability of the mic as well as its ability to pick up conversation easily are both excellent. A great buy for the money and my next purchase will be a Faro ANR headset. For what it's worth, I'm an adult male over six feet tall and the other user is my thin, 17 year old daughter. Very comfortable for both of us. (Posted on 4/21/2013)
Love this headset! Review by Beth
I use my headset about between 6 and 15 hours a month. It's lighter weight and much more comfortable than my last more expensive "name brand" set. I also like that it isn't so lightweight that it feels cheap. My favorite feature is that I can plug in my iPad to watch movies during ferry flights but can still hear the crew when necessary. (Posted on 4/17/2013)
great quality--excellent value Review by billmall
great quality and comfort. Had to adjust the squelch as even with mic boom touching my lips, it would not pick up first few syllables.
Other than that, no problems, over 50 hrs of flight time on the headset (Posted on 4/13/2013)
great value Review by Eli
I have a few flights with it and am very pleased so far. Cant beat the features offered at this price. (Posted on 4/4/2013)
Could't be happier! Review by Av8r2
I have use other headsets at twice the cost and could not detect a difference. The sound is clear with no static or distracting outside noise. The Fero is very light and comfortable. I would certainly purchase another Fero headset and recommend a friend do the same. Safe flying! (Posted on 3/27/2013)
Great Value Headset! Review by JBell
I looked at a ton of diffrent options. As a student pilot, I didn't want to spend a fortune. Not only did I accomplish my goal and saved some $$$, I also ended up with a great headset. If this headset continues to preform as well as it has so far, I will defiantely purchase the ANR verson later on. Thanks Faro! (Posted on 3/21/2013)
Good Review by Pablo172
Fast shipping! Got it in 2 days. Nice headset, used it in one flight so far, will review again after using it for a while. (Posted on 3/14/2013)
good value Review by Barnacle Bill Sport Pilot
easy to use and a great value... (Posted on 3/1/2013)
Excellent price. Good quality Review by srqpilot
Noise Reduction
The faro G2 is a great buy for the price. Comfort is great. Really like the durability. Mic boom is fantastic. Overall quality is good. Been using it for half a year. Only one issue I find with this headset. The mic gain is to weak. Is there a way I can adjust the gain? If so, the headset would be a 5 star. It gets frustrating trying to communicate with my instructor.

== Faro Team: Please manually adjust the squelch on your avionics. Faro microphone offer crystal clear communication so the squelch setting may be higher than a typical aviation headset. (Posted on 1/29/2013)
Just what I was looking for. Review by Kat
I am a student pilot and found this headset to be the perfect fit! I was looking for MP3 capability and found it to be surprisingly durable, lightweight, extremely comfortable and affordable to boot! Also loved the color option! As for workability- Its got a smooth clear, sound transmission. Ive been pleased so far and look forward to using it on all my flying escapades. Thank you FARO for my RED G2 aviation headset :) (Posted on 12/9/2012)
Fantastic Review by Dean
I recently purchased a G2 headset from you, I used it for the first time today and it is a fantastic bit of gear, very quiet, the microphone is perfect no delay in pick up and the speakers are very clear and very comfortable to wear. I think the Faro™ G2 headset is a very top quality product at a more than reasonable  price. It's as good if not better than the more well known brands out there. I for one will be recommending Faro products to all the aviators I know. Thank you very much.

Victoria, Australia. (Posted on 12/6/2012)
So so Review by Slackdoor
Worked well for about 8 months. Then one speaker quit now I'm back to my Dave clarks

-- FARO: Thank you for your feedback - please note this is most likely due to mono / stereo switch that is on the wire - if set to the incorrect one for your plane, hearing is lost in one side. Most GA planes require Mono. You can fix this by switching the knob. If this does not fix the issue, your headset is fully covered by 3-year replacement warranty, please contact us for an exchange. (Posted on 12/3/2012)
Great Product for the price Review by Cessna Flyer
I bought this headset for my training, and so far everything has been great. I can hear very clearly, what others are saying. They fit comfortably on my head, and I have a large head so that was a key factor for me. The mic adjusts to where I want, and stays put. No shorts or static, just trustworthy performance every time. Thanks Faro for the headset, the price was great, and the product is top notch quality!! (Posted on 12/1/2012)
easy to use Review by Great comfort
It makes my day to use this excellent headset. It reminds me of the military one I had in the Navy and the Police Department. It has zero noise and perfect hearing range for me. (Posted on 10/24/2012)
Very Pleased Review by ElPilotto
Can't beat this unit's comfort and quality for the price. (Posted on 10/14/2012)
Solid for the price Review by bondgirl
This headset is a good workhorse of a headset, nice sound quality and as comfortable as higher-priced sets I've used! (Posted on 9/10/2012)
Pleased. Review by jruck
Its a great headset for the price. Have no problem with it. If you are flying an older airplane make sure you have it set on mono also sometimes my voice doesnt go through the mic even though its placed on my lip. So I found if you talk in a certain tone it works. Hope this helps. Great headset for the price and very comfortable! (Posted on 8/17/2012)
very happy with this headset Review by Ubby
I'm a student pilot and have used the David Clarks, and have to say that I like the G2's just as well. I personally prefer hearing some the engine and other noises in the cockpit and the decibel reduction of this set is just right. Very comfortable and I like that the mic is just a bit short of my mouth. It still picks up my voice well and is not so much in front. The price is the best part - hard to beat. I'd definitely recommend them. (Posted on 8/10/2012)
exelent for the money good value....would recomend Review by truckdog65
for the money these are very good headsets bought for my wife who now has a vested interest in the plane and likes it. (Posted on 8/7/2012)
Best headset and costumer service Review by Dustin
Noise Reduction
Faro is by far the best costumer service and headset I have ever dealt with. I had some problems with my wiring after about 2 and a half years due to the way that I wrapped my wires up for storage and they completely stood behind their word on the warranty. They headset itself is very comfortable I would compare it to a david clark headset yet cheaper and the same comfort. I bought it for the MP3 input and have yet to use it but they are very nice to have. As a pilot on a budget I was worried at first but I give them a 10/10 I am very satisfied. The girl I spoke to on customer service was also very nice and helpful. Thank you Faro. (Posted on 7/27/2012)
Thaks Faro for making quality so affordable! Review by Rod
This headset is a real value. There is nothing else that comes close to the quality, noise reduction and performance at this price. I've used mine for over 60 hours and have no complaints. I would recommend them to anyone. (Posted on 7/15/2012)
I can hear now! Review by Kathy
Noise Reduction
For the four years I've been flying, I had been using another relatively inexpensive headset, since I'm on a budget. I didn't know any better until I switched to Faro. What a difference! Suddenly everyone else's transmissions are very clear. And, I'm told, so are mine. Love the comfort of the headset, too! It seems to be a quality headset at an affordable price. (Posted on 6/13/2012)
A+ Review by mooney
Item as described. Very Fast shipping. Happy with Purchase A++++ (Posted on 6/12/2012)
absolutely love my headset!! other headsets seem to fall apart or get shorts in the wiring. but the faro has stood up to everything ive given it and now has over 500 hours on it. still working like a charm. Review by the Captain
Love my headset! Has held together like a tank and still works as good and as clear as the day i purchased it. Thanks for such great product and at a great price.
(Posted on 4/2/2012)
Well pleased, will definetly order again from this company. Review by JO-JO
Great service and super fast shipping. I am well pleased. (Posted on 3/23/2012)
Great Review by T
Noise Reduction
I'm a student pilot flying a C-172, Faro G2 is great for the price. I tried DC 13.4 (most popular) and Faro G2 is as good. I've only used it for 10+ hours so can't speak of long term durability but the quality is good so I expect it to last long. No issues with speakers and mic. The ear protection is very comfortable and blocks quite a bit of noise.
(Posted on 3/9/2012)
Great Value Review by Josh
I have had a chance to fly for about 20+hours using this headset. So far, I love this product! I've only had this product for a short time so the durability is unknown.

Great Value! Won't find a better deal on a brand new headset.
Great color selection. (I have the green and I like it)
Very Comfortable. I have take the Faro's on 3-5 hour flights and I forget I have them on.
Individual volume control for the left and right. Mono and Stereo toggle switch.

The boom could be an inch longer but It hasn't had any effect on my flying and/or passengers or CFI hearing me. (So it's not really a con but more of a suggestion to elongate the boom)
Haven't noticed any other cons.

GREAT HEADSET! I will eventually upgrade to something high end ($800-$1000 range) but for anything $500 and less this is probably the best value headset out there! I will buy this product again for my wife and daughter. (Posted on 2/23/2012)
Great purchase as a first headset Review by lowyoyo
Good build quality, and particularly appreciate the heavy duty connectors (when compared to say, the Bose A20s')
Sound and mic quality are on par with more expensive sets.
Price is GREAT especially considering what you're getting.

Noise reduction could be a little better, but for a passive system, it performs as expected and definitely comparable to passive David Clark sets.
And for comfort, it is actually slightly more comfortable than David Clark's, I found personally. (Posted on 2/13/2012)
Great! Review by Maverick
Got them a few weeks ago and have already flown around 7 hours in them. Part of it was a 3 hour cross country flight, and they did not get uncomfortable the whole time! These are a great value (Posted on 2/2/2012)
Nice Headset! Review by Flygirlpic
I am a student pilot and not willing to put 1K towards a Bose Headset. I read some excellent reviews about the Faro Headsets and decided to take a chance on it. The headset is great. I have not had any problems with it. My CFI and I had to switch headsets one day because his mic wasn't working. The Bose headset had better noise reduction (as it should for the price) and the earpieces were softer but not $800 softer.
So, I'd say if you are on the fence BUY the Faro Headset. Your'e wallet will thank you.
(Posted on 1/4/2012)
Very good for a first headset Review by Greg
Not bad at all for the price, I recommend the Faro headset as a good beginner for new pilots... (Posted on 12/1/2011)
great quality & value Review by Nathan
Noise Reduction
I have been able to go for 2 hours with only a slight readjustment very comfy, they include little extras that i did not expect and i am impressed (Posted on 11/12/2011)
Great headset for the price!!! Review by Gary
The noise cancellation works extremely well! I love it except it would be nice if they would make the mic just a hair longer. If they did, this would truly be the perfect headset.
(Posted on 11/11/2011)
Overall good construction and quality Review by Firehawk
Although this G2 PNR headset is probably the best constructed headset I have purchased it does lack in some areas such as the lead cables are far stiffer than most, the mic is not sensitive enough to break into transmission unless it is right against your lips and without the mic muff although this might be a simple mic gain adjustment, not sure. The gel earmuffs could be a bit tighter and stiffer on the speaker housings so that as they are used in time they do not become lose an easily detached. However, that being said, the G2 PNR is a fine headset, well constructed, the PNR is excellent in all ranges and should last many years with proper care.

-- Thank you for your feedback. The microphone sensitivity has been increased on new sets. If you would like a replacement, please contact us. (Posted on 9/4/2011)
Very happy with purchase Review by Harry
Will recommend to friends (Posted on 8/17/2011)
very nice ! Review by matador
I bought them without knowing much about the brand. (neither did my instructors knew about them) But they work really well, haven't had any problems at all, sound is good, and i like the fact the you can
choose different colors !
Very satisfied with my purchase. (Posted on 8/8/2011)
Great Headset ! Review by Rickster
Great Value. Solid construction, decent NR, very adjustable. Highly recommended ! (Posted on 7/28/2011)
Best quality/price Review by Stefano
I bought 2 from Italy, they're the best quality at that price... well better than more expensive brands (Posted on 7/3/2011)
Honest review from a 5'4" student pilot Review by Ryan
I purchased this headset mainly based on the good reviews I read here and on Amazon.com. Being a student pilot, price was the main factor, but I didn't want to compromise quality. After waffling between the Faro G2 and a David Clark for $120 more, I am very happy I chose the G2. I've had the opportunity to sample two other comparable headsets when I started training, so it was advantageous to have a point of reference. The gel ear cups are a bit thicker than other brands, but are soft, comfortable, and seems to give you 2 to 3 extra dbs of noise reduction (which is a lot)! After a few 3 hour flights I have not experienced any abnormal fatigue. I also appreciate the wide color selection, which I don't think you can get anywhere else. I ended up with the light-grey as I figured they would stay a bit cooler.

Sound is crisp and clear with plenty of volume. The microphone sounds great through the headset and my co-pilot instructor said the same. The electret mic also does a great job of noise cancellation. I found that I was able to turn the input squelch down on the console.

Being a shorter pilot, the adjustment on the headband did not slide short enough for the pad to rest on my head properly. I was expecting this, as it is an issue with all headsets of this type. I ended up buying a shorter replacement headband made for youth from David Clark (about $8) and now it fits perfectly. It would be great if Faro offered this option or something similar.

The only small criticism I have are that they feel slightly heavier than other brands (maybe it's the gels). Also, I really wish they made a mono version without the aux input, or at least I don't like having to adjust two volume controls, one for each ear.

All in all this is a quality product and an amazing value! I'm looking forward to seeing how Faro evolves their product line.
(Posted on 6/2/2011)
Brilliant Product, Great Price! Review by Tom140489
Noise Reduction
Being from the UK, none of the instructors at my flying school had heard of the FARO brand, therefore I was a little dubious about ordering this headset. Having read other reviews, I decided to give them a go, and I am not disappointed in the slightest. Excellent product, good quality and exceptional price. Do be wary of the import tax that will be charged to UK customs, however even with this added to the price of the headset, it's still a bargain compared to other similar products readily available in the UK. (Posted on 5/28/2011)
OUT OF STOCK???? Review by James
Of course, as soon as I try to order this headset, they are out of stock. WTF?!?

Reply: 12/16/2010 09:21 AM
--- FARO ADMIN: We apologize for the inconvenience. Items are now in stock. (Posted on 5/25/2011)
Great Headset Review by Pielot
As comfortable and as clear as my $320 headset. (Posted on 4/28/2011)
Wow! Review by Jeffery
Noise Reduction
As a student pilot I had been using one of four brands provided by the FBO. I tried them all looking for a favorite. I thought they were all "ok", but seemed heavy and bulky.
As an integral part of the flying experience I decided to purchase my own.
After much research I selected Faro. The reviews were good and the price was right. I even found a 10% discount code online.
Wow! What a huge difference. Stylish, light and comfortable. I can adjust the volume and hear every word. I think they are as good or better at noise reduction than any I had tried before (I can still hear the stall warning!).
My radio communications improved greatly. My CFI was impressed. I had not realized that a basic tool could be such a confidence builder.
Thank you for a great product. I am very pleased. My first purchase was a fantastic experience. (Posted on 4/27/2011)
Excellent choice - Trust them Review by Pierre V
An excellent choice!
Faro has not only an excellent product in terms of quality and price/performance solution. Their service is also exceptional.

I'm using my Headset regularly and I don't understand why pilots pay more other "brand".

My best wishes to Faro Team

Kind regards from Switzerland
Pierre (Posted on 4/27/2011)
Great headsets, delivery what they promise Review by HenryGF
Used this for my VFR training, mostly in the Diamaond DA-20.
Admittedly not the noisiest plane in the world, but I can't imagine what I would want more in an aviation headset.
Love the continuously-flexible boom mic.
The ear cups are very comfortable - flown for about 2 hrs at a time with them... (Posted on 4/26/2011)
Very good product Review by Jon
As a student pilot they make a very good first headset (Posted on 4/20/2011)
Best quality-price ratio out there ! Review by Souhaiel
Noise Reduction
I had very high expectations for this headset given all the positive reviews that I have read. Sure enough, I was blown away by the comfort and noise reduction the headset offered. The quality is great, despite the fact that the head rest can use some extra cushioning. The Mic was not short as often described, which meant that my greatest fair became obsolete. I have noticed, though, that sometimes my mic volume gets a bit low. In few instances, I had to speak louder than usual to be heard. Other than that, I am very satisfied with the purchase and would recommend it to any student pilot or GA passenger. (Posted on 3/27/2011)
Great Deal for Aviators Review by Curt
These headsets were on the cheaper side of aviation sets in terms of price, however, the quality you receive is quite excellent. The pressure on your ears is comfortable for up to about 2.5 hours and the sound quality allows you to both communicate with your co-pilot along with ATC and UNICOM clearly and without problem. (Posted on 3/13/2011)
Great headset Review by Rob
I bought this for a regular use headset and have been really impressed so far with its quality and comfort. (Posted on 2/9/2011)
Mike needs to be less sensitive Review by 10P
The sound quality coming into the headset is great--the mike is too sensitive and need to have some ability to adjust for the newer intercom systems. Works great in my older plane. Can't understand the transmissions without difficulty with my newer radio panel. Put tape over one side of the mike--that helped some. Overall, nice headset. Would love to have a squelch adjust to the mike.
EAD (Posted on 1/15/2011)
great return service Review by dogleg
I had the first G2 model and had a problem with the mike after 2 1/2 years. I pulled the retaining plug out of the box and disconnected the mike wire. The return policy is a no questions asked type. If it doesn't work, they replace it. I got the latest model for thr price of postage both ways. 0
I think that this is a great headset and would definitely buy another. Product support is fantastic. (Posted on 1/7/2011)
We have two. I use the G2 exclusively as a student. Review by Jas
I compare it to the Bose that my spouse uses. We flew down the coast from the Oregon Pacific to Calif. then across the country to the Florida Atlantic. Why trade? (Posted on 1/2/2011)
Fantastic head set. Review by Dancing with the wind
great all around head set, I reviewed before but put down the wrong amount of stars...right downwind or left??? (Posted on 12/24/2010)
Great value Review by Tim
I'm very happy with my G2 headset. It exceeded my expectations. (Posted on 12/21/2010)
Great headset Review by William
Noise Reduction
Great headset! Good price. Great fit,look, function. Very quiet with passive set. Will be purchasing a second set for passengers very soon! Thanks for offering these. (Posted on 12/20/2010)
great value and purchase Review by Ken
purchase on line was easy. first time purchase from faro and would purchase another. nice fit. (Posted on 12/10/2010)
5 stars Review by spotter
Great headset as advertised & fast shipping.
I fly light sport, everyone knows that noise level, I would recommend this headset for both quality-comfort and price.

(Posted on 12/6/2010)
great value Review by eli
very pleased with the value and performance. (Posted on 11/22/2010)
Best value for money Review by Going for cpl
Used for a year. Has not failed yet. No issues to speak of. Haven't used the mp3 audio jack extensively but it works as advertised. Noise cancelling is great for a passive set, and I can believe it is par to DC sets. Is tight the first few times, and clamps down around ears hard but loosens after a while and gets more comfortable. (Posted on 11/21/2010)
Great headset for the beginner Review by Nate
The PNR headset that I got works very well while taking PP training flights but still a little noisy. It also works too well when using in the house on the flight simulator because I can't hear my wife calling me for supper or to do something right now. (Posted on 11/11/2010)
great value Review by Jim
Great headset for the price. (Posted on 10/14/2010)
Great experiance and fast shipping Review by David
The headset is very comfortable and quiet. Im very pleased with my purchase. I have an old set of David Clark and Ive had a hard time understanding comm. on them. I can hear better with my new set of G2,s. (Posted on 10/13/2010)
Hard to beat for the price. Review by Easty
Used them for two months now. More comfortable and a little better noise reduction than the most popular brand for a lot less cost. (Posted on 8/23/2010)
Love it! Review by Jackie
Got this headset as Christmas gift and love it! No more icky feeling using rentals!!!!! :) (Posted on 6/14/2010)
Great headset ! Review by Rick
These HS are very comfortable. A bit heavy but that's necessary to achieve the NR. I am going to get fabric ear seal covers for mine. They are an excellent value ! (Posted on 6/5/2010)
Great value for the price, surprised my Australian instructor! Review by Mark
Received my headset last week and tried it out for the first time last week during my lesson in the little C-152. Really comfortable, good sound, and build quality great for the price. Dave Clarke's are the suggested way to go for baby pilots here in Oz and my instructor, who had never heard of Faro, was pleasantly surprised! (Posted on 5/10/2010)
Comfortable for price, one ear quit working after short time. Review by Pilott28
The price was attractive and the headsets were reasonably light and comfortable. Passive noise control good. iPod plug is nice feature. Bought two. One worked well, the other developed a dead side after a few months.

-- FARO: Thank you for your feedback. If hearing is lost in one ear-cup, please check that you have the mono/stereo switch on the correct setting for your plane. Most planes will require Mono. If set to stereo, hearing will be lost in one ear cup until it it switched back. Please do contact should the problem persists, FARO offers a 3-year replacement warranty.
(Posted on 4/26/2010)
A good deal Review by gun
The headset was a gift to my son who is taking flying lessons in Iceland. He has now taken them up in the air and told me they were great but like some others he had minor problems with the mic. It keeps breaking up with ATC and it needs to be very close to his lips. After removing the foam cover from the mic it worked better. He is currently flying an old C-172 so that could also be the problem. I am going to invite him on a DA-42 wich is brand new and compare. But guys a good deal overall. Here in our country headsets are priced from 500usd. I have another son who wants to fly so like the man said. " I will be back" (Posted on 2/19/2010)
First headset Review by Cameron
I had used the other headsets at the airport where I take lessons and after using this headset, they seem to be very loud. The noise reduction was good but I guess it could be a little better. I used the Bose before in a King Air and they seemed to have more sound reduction. I fly small planes so these work just fine. Very good price and it is easy to use. I also wish it would come with a set of instructions but if you call or send Faro an email they are very helpful. This headset is also very clear for your voice and the voices of traffic around you. All in all this headset was a very good buy. (Posted on 1/20/2010)
Great Headsets Review by Dr. Nick
I bought my first plane a month ago and the guy didn't include headsets, so we flew it home without... I picked up my first pair of G2's a few days later, and was so impressed I got 3 more! So I have 1 white pair, 1 yellow pair, and 2 pink for my daugthers. Love that you can pick a color! I have used a few diff brands, and I have to say these are an great value! Highly recommend!!! (Posted on 12/3/2009)
Unsatisfied Review by Kate
I originally bought these headphones because they were a great price. But I ended up trading up after I had so many problems with the microphone constantly cutting me off. They were possibly the most comfortable headset I've had but the constant struggle to be heard on the radio was just too annoying.

-- FARO: Hi Kate, Thank you for your feedback. It is possible that the Squelch wasn't set properly. Both the speakers, and microphone should allow for a very clear and crisp communication. If the problem persists, your headset is covered by a 3-year replacement warranty, please contact us for replacement. (Posted on 8/23/2009)
surpurb deal and quality Review by Jake
One of the best flying deals. As good as my David Clark headset but 25% of the cost. This is the same ratings I would give to my DC.

Wonderful quality and confort (Posted on 8/22/2009)
Todo perfecto, all ok. Review by mgarchos
Todo el proceso del envio, rapido y bien, los cascos, tiene una calidad muy aceptable dentro de su gama, se ajustan muy bien y amortiguan el ruido de forma considerable, son cómodos.

The process of shipping was fast, headset has a very acceptable quality within the price range, fit very well and reduces the noise significantly, they are comfortable.
(Posted on 8/6/2009)
Good headset Review by jetpilot2377
It's great. everything is good. (Posted on 7/14/2009)
Great Headset for the money Review by Tim
Excellent Value. I have it for the right seat. Everyone that has uses the G2 headset likes it. (Posted on 7/7/2009)
Good Review by Fly It Now
Good headsets for the money, wish I had known about the ANR set before I bought the PNR. Thanks (Posted on 6/24/2009)
Outstanding beginners headset Review by Adam
I am a student pilot and this was the first headset I ever purchased. They are very comfortable and do a great job reducing noise. I have only used the MP3 capability once and worked well. I can hear the music just fine as background music. (Posted on 6/15/2009)
Awesome headphones! I've been using these for over a year now - great sound reduction and firm feel! Review by ErikN
These work so well I bought a second pair for my passenger! I needed a new pair of headphones after my previous name-brand finally failed... Honestly for the price and quality I will never look elsewhere. These are great! I highly recommend them to anyone who needs a little extra cash to pay for fuel. With the mp3 input my passengers can zone out and enjoy the flight listening to their favorite tunes. (Posted on 6/12/2009)
Great 1st Headset Review by Aaron
I don't have experience with other headsets so I cannot provide a comparison. I do wear over-ear headphones for 6-8 hours a day and have had plenty of experience with different brands so I know how comfortable a pair of good headphones can be. The Faro G2 Headset is very comfortable for the weight. The mic boom is well constructed and as long as the foam mic cover is millimeters off my lips there is no issue with it picking up my voice. I'm flying in a 172 and I have no issue hearing ATC or my instructor. I've only used them for 7 hours and just after shutting down the plane on my last flight the earcup popped off as I removed the headset. It went back on with minimal effort and no damage was inflicted.

Because I routinely use high impedance headphones as I travel, I use a cheap little amp called the FiiO E5. It's a tiny amp that provides enough extra power to make listening to music enjoyable in the G2 headset. I haven't had a chance to listen to music while flying so it may be a bit different up in the air. Without the amp, my iPod Nano doesn't have enough power to adequately move the speakers in the G2.

Overall the headset is great. It's comfortable and serves its purpose well. (Posted on 6/2/2009)
Great Product Review by Cellcrete
I just got them and have used them about 12 hours. SUPER Headsets. I have a new aircraft arriving soon and will be ordering 5 more sets to fit out the plane.
Dave (Posted on 5/3/2009)
Awesome Headset! Review by bribritx
I really like this headset and have used it multiple times in a noisy Piper Cub. With this headset, i can hardly hear the roaring engine and clearly hear other pilots. Its very comfortable and i love how you can choose your own color! A HIGHLY recommended product! (Posted on 4/1/2009)
Sturdy Product Review by Skip
I did not give any 5s because I haven't dropped it by accident to see if it would hold up. I take care of my items I buy. You have a good productn 10-4! (Posted on 3/31/2009)
Great price for a great product Review by Brett
Everything works great! A great product for comfort, noise reduction and price. My only concern is the that the G2 Aviation Headset, when using the G1000 in the Cessna 172S, seems to have the automatic squelch too high. Even though the microphone is on my lips, the microphone is difficult to activate. I turn on manual squelch and lower the squelch every time I fly. (Posted on 3/26/2009)
Almost perfect. Review by Bijan
I have had my Faro headsets for about two months. Quality and performance are really very good. An excellrnt product forthe money. I had a question about the operation. Support service is also very good.
(Posted on 3/9/2009)
Noise enters headset from where the 3.5 mm wire plugs in. Review by Pilotwife
Got this headset because I couldn't justify spending so much money on a set of Bose for as infrequently as I fly with my husband. Worked great for the first year or so, 15-20 flights then I started noticing the noise on one side. Happened to put my finger over the inlet for the auxiliary wire and noise stopped. Have to have something over or in the inlet or very noisy on that side.

-- FARO: Please contact Faro Aviation for replacement. (Posted on 2/7/2009)
great quality for the $$ Review by stan
A little on the heavy side, but everything else very good (Posted on 1/29/2009)
Relación calidad-precio muy buena. Recomendables. Carmen-Spain Review by carmenfsimon
Relación calidad-precio muy buena. Recomendables.
Carmen-Spain (Posted on 1/5/2009)
Great Review by Steve
On my last trip I had some problems with my Bose and reached in the back seat for my Faros. They were great. Now I am eager to try their new products. (Posted on 1/1/2009)
Great Value Review by Scott
I bought two sets for the back seat, but find myself using them in the front seat more and more. (Posted on 12/27/2008)
Wow Review by CFO Bob
This is one of those products you buy, use, compare to others you e used in the past and say to yourself, "how do they do it for the price?" great quality, amazing comfort!! (Posted on 12/12/2008)
So Good. Review by MarkBeaty
Awesome headset - great price, great quality. (Posted on 12/3/2008)
Shopping for a headset Review by James Tripson
I purchased a Faro headset for my son to use.
This headset is as good or better than any on the market.

I have over 42 years of flying experience,from flying a C-141 during the Vietnam era, Presidential support missions, flying a DC-10, B-737,worlwide, not to mention many light single engine and multi-engine aircraft ranging from a Cessna 150 to a diamond jet.

I have a small amount of experience when it comes to using a headset.

If you play poker,, in "Texas Hold-Em" the best dealt hand is a pocket pair of aces,,you move "All-In" when a big bet is placed.

A Faro Headset is a pair of aces.

If you are a young aviator or an old fart like me looking for a headset move "ALL-In" with a Faro.

Their customer service is second to none and you may choose any color headset you desire.
My son aTexas A&M graduate,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,, guess what color headset I purchased for his use.

Fly safe,
James Tripson
Continental Airlines (Posted on 11/26/2008)
Excellent, parfait Review by Mickel
Qualité, prix excellent. Solide et fiable. Pas d'ennui avec le micro. Atténuation des bruits très efficace.
Merci beaucoup pour ce grand sérieux dans tous les domaines.Que du ++++++ (Posted on 11/17/2008)
Great value for your $ Review by gsthuntr
I have just become a student pilot and I hated the headsets at the FBO. I did not want to spend 300-400 on David Clark's (recommended by instructor) and thought I would try these. I love them, comfort, quality, look cool wearing them. I showed my instructor and he said wow great buy. (Posted on 10/25/2008)
Very Good Review by Jason
Overall the headset is a great option for the price and comfort is quite good. The only negative I have to the entire unit is that it can be difficult to break into the vox. If Faro were to make the mic a bit more sensative and easier to break the vox this would be the all out ultimate headset for the price. None the less I am quite happy with my purchase and will likely purchase more as backups (with the hope that Faro fixes the vox difficulty)

-- Thank you for your feedback. VOX is generally adjusted on the avionics using the squelch knob, however, the microphone and how sensitive it is can also play a role. Your suggestion has been forwarded to Faro engineers. (Posted on 10/16/2008)
Durable and Great Quality Review by Harrison
Noise Reduction
I bought the Faro G2 PNR headset back in 2012. This headset took me all the way from my student pilots certificate to my CFI-I. I have an absolute love hate relationship with this headset. They have never failed me and offer many features that similarly priced headsets just don't offer. They are durable I've never had anything break on me and they require limited maintenance ( New ear seals 2015 and the occasional tightening of the nut that controls the swivel action). My only complaint with this headset it clarity. I fly a lot of different types of aircraft and I always seem to have a problem with being heard clearly (without static background) or having a constant white noise. Granted this has only started in the last year but the headset is still extremely functional. As an Instructor I have found the need for an ANR headset to cut down on fatigue. So the search begins but I am fairly certain that this headset will make a wonderful spare headset and I can assure you its not going anywhere.

== FARO: Thank you for your review. Please contact Faro Customer support and we would be happy to provide you with a replacement microphone at no cost. (Posted on 9/19/2008)
Will recommend them to others Review by Kool Hand
Over all, I like them. Nice looking, comfortable, quiet. The intercom is clear though the tx side seems to lack some sensitivity when I talk. Have to talk loud to be heard (with intercom setting appropriate). The plugs wire are fairly stiff, would be nice to have them more flexible. (Posted on 9/8/2008)
G2 headset Review by Kevin Overton
I Recently purchased a G2 headset. As a student pilot, I was not sure what to look for prior to the purchase. I took a gamble with the FARO G2, based on previous reviews. I love them. The first day out of the box, used them for 2 hrs. The noise cancellation,comfort and overall quailty were second to none.

Thanks FARO great product. (Posted on 9/6/2008)
Really good headset. Review by Kevin
The headset works great and I have no problem with it except the arm for the microphone could have been a little longer. Not a huge issue and other then that it is a great headset.

One thing I really like is how light it is. It barly feels like you're wearing a headset. (Posted on 8/28/2008)
excellent Review by bjthomas86
Great product, buying another one. (Posted on 8/8/2008)
Excellent headsets!! Review by CJ
The headsets are awesome and the totally drown out engine noise on a King Aie and a Beechcraft 1900. I agree that the mic needs to be a little longer. Also, the IPhone adapter cable was bad out of the box. You should make that cable a 90degree connector and it would last a lot longer. You won't find a better headset until you get to the $500 range and you still won't find a better color selection even then. I ordered pink....cause not a ramper in the world would be caught wearing my pink headsets:) (Posted on 8/4/2008)
Great quality but could have been SUPER great if the mouth piece was longer. Review by medpilot
My very first aviation headset. Works great,price is great couldn't be any thankful for such a great work.Will definitely recommend to fellow pilots. In the future though,please make the mics./mouth piece longer. (Posted on 7/13/2008)
Would Buy again Review by Steve
Great customer service. My headset came with the stereo selector switch broken and it was immediately replaced with a new one in hand within a week. I am really enjoying my new headset. It is quiet and comfortable and all at a great price. Highly recommend. (Posted on 5/25/2008)
100181665 Review by snow-lag
I'm towing glides, and the headset runs well. (Posted on 5/16/2008)
Great Headset Review by Aaron
Headset works great. I would recommend it. (Posted on 5/8/2008)
Descent Headset Review by ThePilotGuy
Good as expected. Very comfortable, good warranty, differential volume control for each ear. I haven't used the mp3 but i think that's a nice feature to have. the mic is pretty flexible and you can easily place it just next to your mouth. (Posted on 4/10/2008)
Good price, short mic Review by Thompson Air
I've used this headset for just over 60 hours. The price and style were my deciding factors to purchase them. The reviews I had read before purchase said they worked well but the mic was a bit short; I agree. If the mic we're a bit longer their would be no problem positioning it to talk. I would not purchase the set again unless the mic was longer, and then I would have no hesitation.

The set was a bit uncomfortable on the top of the head at first, but after about 10 hours of use it was okay for about two or three hours at a time. The ear cushions tend to come off, and it takes a little patients to slip them back on without damaging them.

The volume on the accessory plug is low. I think that is due to not being a powered headset (no batteries).

I like the volume control on the ear pieces, and the mono/stereo switch has its place on the cord. If one ear doesn't work, check the switch. The cord link is appropriate.

(Posted on 3/28/2008)
Excellent Review by Headset
Excellent headset for the money! I have never had a problem hearing even with weak radios. (Posted on 3/9/2008)
Very happy Review by Alan Crowder
Just received a fresh pair of G2 head sets. They arrived in great condition with no damage. In my initial use, these are very comfortable and are excellent in reduction of background noise. The quality, fit, and mic operation are exceeding expectations.

Very happy with my purchase!
(Posted on 2/28/2008)
Excellent Value Review by Stlcdr
I have used these for over 35 hours, now, while training. The value is outstanding, and quality excellent. I do wear spectacles, and find that it puts a bit of pressure on them, so the noise tends to 'leak' in, and the comfort is a bit lower than they could be, but that may be mostly down to my glasses, rather than the headset. They are slightly heavy, but the solid construction and lower price, this is expected.

I would definitely recommend these as a starter headset, but also anyone who is on a budget (and with the price of AVGas, who isn't?!) or needs an occasional set for passengers. (Posted on 2/2/2008)
Great headset at a great price! Review by Darrel
This is a wonderful headset at a very good price. The passive noise reduction is very good, the gel ear cups are very comfortable, and the sound is clear. My only complaint is that this headset is somewhat heavy. I am otherwise very pleased with this quality made product. (Posted on 1/26/2008)
Great product! Review by Keny
I have been using my headset now for several months and I really enjoy them. Compared to the over-priced other headsets out there I have used these are steal and quite comparable. I have tried the mp3 feature on the ground but not in flight. I really love that I can control the volume from headset too. Overall these are great and I love them. I only wish that I had seen the ANR before I purchased my PNR. Great job FARO! I look forward to many more flights with this headset. (Posted on 1/20/2008)
Great Headset Review by Steph Watson
this is an excellent headset and makes flying easier because it is comfortable and clear sounding. (Posted on 1/17/2008)
Nice headset for the price Review by Dean
Noise Reduction
The only gripe I have is that the foam ear pads sometimes come off and are hard to get back in place. (Posted on 1/14/2008)
Great beginner/passenger headset Review by John
I've been very pleased with this headset. It's a great value and comfortable. I had one issue with my first one, but Faro sent me a replacement, and rather quickly! Great headset, great company! (Posted on 1/10/2008)

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