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FARO Aviation has been a leading aviation supplier since 1999. Pilot owned and operated, we offer a range of commercial-grade, active and passive noise-reduction headsets and accessories. They are in use by thousands of pilots, including in general aviation, by airline captains and business jet crews, major freight operators and at flight schools and aviation enterprises worldwide.

Our headsets feature state-of-the-art technology for noise reduction and audio clarity, a fully customizable fit with soft leather ear protection for maximum comfort, integration with personal electronics for audio playback, low weight and rugged construction.

Our Story

During initial flight training in the 1990s, we were all dissatisfied with the headsets on the market. It seemed as soon as someone put the word “aviation” next to a product, even a flashlight, all of a sudden, the price quadrupled.

This didn’t make sense to us.

We always believed and still do that the best way to guarantee aviation’s future is to make it as affordable as possible without compromising quality or reliability.

So with the help of a group of pilot engineers, we designed a high-performance headset for our own use.

We found pilots asking about them and after a test flight, they wanted to get their own. Its success led us to form FARO Aviation to develop new models available to the entire aviation community.

We’re focused solely on aviation. We utilize the highest build standards and rigorous quality assurance. We’re engaged in continuous product development, constantly looking for technologies, materials and features offering even greater performance and value.

The results are the highly sophisticated FARO Aviation headsets you see here and at flight schools and aviation businesses around the world. We offer the same warranty to our largest airline customers and our individual customers: All of our headsets are backed by a three-year replacement warranty program and meet CE and FCC standards.

We welcome your questions, comments and ideas for your aviation electronics needs:

Come fly with us,
FARO Aviation

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