G2 ANR Headset (Active)

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  • Faro® G2 Active Noise Reduction (ANR) is designed for pilots who want the quietest cockpit.
  • Using the newest sound technology, G2 Active noticeably reduces cockpit noise up to 52db. So you can fly longer, more comfortably, and in a quieter environment.
  • Backed by Faro’s legendary 3-Year Full Coverage Warranty.
  • 100% Money-Back-Guarantee
  • Free Shipping to Continental U.S.


Prepare For The Adrenaline

Engineered for Aviation. Zero Compromises.

Large Soft Cushion

Extra Comfort for long cross-country flights. Made of soft, durable fiber, the cushion makes the headset feel extra light

Always Loud. Always Clear.

Fully adjustable microphone beam with wind screen allows ATC and your companions to hear you loud and clear. Microphone has been perfected to deliver high quality, crystal clear communication.

Soft Leather Ear Protection

Super soft faux leather protection provides you with an amazing 23db in passive and an incredible 52db of noise reduction with active noise reduction turned on. Engineered to comfortably protect your ears on the longest cross country flights. Leather ear cushions are available for purchase separately.

3.5mm Auxiliary Audio Input
Independent Volume Control on Each Side
Dual-Thick Silicone Gel Ear Seals

Protected by Faro’s Legendary 3-Year Full Coverage Warranty

If anything happens to your headset, simply ship it back to Faro Aviation and receive a brand new replacement within 3 years of purchase.

Active Noise Reduction Technology (ANR)

Faro® G2 Active reduces the unwanted ambient noise in the cockpit by using both Passive Noise Reduction (PNR) and Active Noise Reduction (ANR).

Passive Noise Reduction is achieved by placing sound absorbing material between your ears and the outside environment.

Active Noise Reduction is achieved by placing a microphone inside the ear cup to “read” incoming noise and generating an “anti‐noise” signal through the
speakers. The anti‐noise and the ambient noise will cancel each other before they reach the ear.

Through this technology, low frequency ambient noise is significantly reduced and important communication can be heard in a clear, crisp manner.

G2 will continue to operate as a standard aviation headset should the ANR become inactive for any reason such as low or no battery power.

  1. Uses two AA batteries.
  2. Battery will last up to 30 hours depending on environment.
  3. Supports mono and stereo intercoms.
  4. Low battery is indicated by a flashing red LED light.
  5. Headset will operate as normal PNR headset with low or no battery power.

Additional information

Weight 3.2 lbs
Dimensions 10 × 8 × 5 in


57 reviews for G2 ANR Headset (Active)

  1. AviationAddict

    Amazing Noise Reduction

    I wanted to get Bose but with 2x the price. I saw good reviews for the PNR mode, I thought I give this headset a shot. My and 2 of my pilot buddies, we went out for a flight, testing faro headset, lightspeed zulu, and bose. If you take the mentality of more expensive = better, I can honestly say the noise reduction was just as good. I’m used to david clark type of headset so I actually found this headset to be more comfortable, my buddies thought bose was more comfortable, i guess its different for each person but as far as noise reduction and considering its half the price of bose, i will go for faro everytime.

  2. AvatarKava

    Outstanding Value

    Excellent customer service and a great overall headset. Noise reduction is at least on par with anything else on the market. Yes, it’s a little bit heavier and maybe a bit less comfortable than the LS Zulu or the Bose, but at half the price it’s a much better deal. Good sound quality and clarity in both directions.

  3. gbn1973

    Solid product

    Only thing I don’t like is size of the battery pack, but not really an issue especially once I’m up in the air.

  4. Denis (verified owner)

    Impressive for the price

    To make a story short, I had to exchange my first G2 ANR for problems with the mike. The service was excellent and the new G2 ANR works perfectly now with the new mike. For the price it is very impressive what it can do for you.

  5. PJM

    Superb quality

    Great comfort, especially on longer flights. The ANR really makes a difference. I use my set all the time and never have a problem. My only suggestion is to include an instruction sheet explaining the knobs on the earpieces.

  6. bad brad

    great headset-great customer support

    Had a small problem in that headset was out of stock when I ordered. Customer service team stepped up and corrected the problem. Nice work!

  7. Jason


    First flight today with my G2 ANR, comfort and quality second to none! And all I was hear was the radio and white noise, incredible noise cancelling in a c 172!

  8. Vtails in WA.

    without question the best ANR headset on the market for the price

    I have had the Bose ANR and 2 different models of the Lightspeed ANR’s in the past 3 years, currently Lightspeed Zulu’s. I tested the Faro on a 2 hour flight twice this week along with my current Lightspeeds and my backseat Bose. Without question the Faro was on par with both the Lightspeed and Bose headsets. I was not only amazed at the quality for price but my belief that more expensive is better is just plain wrong, shame on me and others that don’t look seriously at this product when considering a set of ANR’s.
    One caution here; Lightspeed and Bose you had better watch out for this company as they are undercutting your price significiantly and this will effect your image as well as bottom line.. Lower your prices to compete is your only resolve as this product is a real contender. I would love to have these for my fronseats but just bought the Lightspeeds 3 months (29 flight hours) ago.can’t afford to buy more ANR’s at this time.

  9. VGN

    Exceptional for the money.

    The only thing I didn’t like was that the batteries died very quickly. I would say they lasted about 10 hours. I’m not sure if that is normal. However, with the money saved I could buy batteries for a long time.

    — FARO: Thank you for your feedback. G2 ANR is now running on two AA batteries instead of 9V – this will allow about 30 hours of ANR functionality per two AA batteries.

  10. John

    For the Frugal Flyer

    I’ve been really happy with my FARO purchase. I was looking to modernize my headsets from my Telex that I purchased in the early 1990’s, but I didn’t want to spend alot of money. I’ve used these in my C-172 and they’ve done a good job of keeping everything quiet. The battery life seems to be good and the noise cancellation is top notch. Ilove the dual volume control and the cord and headset plug that is provided. I take my ipod with me and can listen to the playlist while out and about.
    The only con’s that I have is that the cord length could be just a bit longer, (intercom box to the backseats) and they can get a bit uncomfortable after long flights, but that’s with most headsets.
    Overall I’m very happy with the purchase and would recommend a pair to my friends as well.

  11. ANR

    I am very happy with this headset.

    The headset performs as was promised. Additionally customer service has been outstanding. I had an issue with my headset and after calling customer service I was immediately provided with a second headset to compare to the first. The issue as it turned out was not a defect with the headset. Regardless, I was provided the second headset and given time to compare and then provided with return shipping. I recommend the product and the company..

  12. Rick

    Excellent value

    Love them, only issue is that they do not have a mic gain adjustment and picked up alot of engine noise when transmitting; placed a piece of electrical tape over outer surface of the mic- problem solved

  13. Dancing with the wind

    Fantastic head set.

    Really a great headset. Even sound good with the noise reduction turned off. They are also very comfortable, I am totally happy…

  14. old man

    Not much experience with head sets but it is light and comfortable and priced right for some one that doesn’t fly a lot

    same as above

  15. Courtney

    Good Headset

    I have enjoyed this headset. My only complaint is more about vanity than function: the earpieces are rather thick, so they have a considerably wider profile than other headsets. It isn’t a huge deal, but those earpieces stick out pretty far on either side of your head. The ANR is great and they are a great value for the price.

  16. Eddie

    Very nice after fit.

    This is my first headset I purchased. At first they are really tight; but I guess that’s to accommodate different size of heads. What I did was pull it over my son’s lunch box for the night. Perfect! And I would have liked a longer mic boom.
    Now when you put it on in the plane it is a little noise like a pnr headset; until you flip the switch. Bam! Sounds great. Crystal clear coms. Makes a big difference with the anr turned on. And the gel ear cups are very nice and comfortable. I do not hang them on the yolk like others have done and pulled the ear piece off. Learn from others mistakes. But they are very nice and worth the money for sure. I will be buying another pair for my son when he starts flying lessons this summer.
    My instructor wears the bose headset; and they are a little better. But at 3 times the cost for that little bit more. I don’t think it’s worth the extra $750 for the bose or $700 for the zulu 2 either. These are just as quiet and have the same noise reduction. I Definitely recommend. This would have been 5 stars for the comfort if they would extend the mic boom and maybe add some optional cloth ear piece covers.




  18. RBB


    Two small issues. One is that the 9v battery seems to have a short life, but from reading the other comments, I guess you have corrected this. The only other issue is that when I made a call from the end of the runway before takeoff although I could hear fine, the person I called had problems hearing. Oerall, I would recommend the Faro to my friends. I used my partner’s BOSE headset the other day and prefer the Faro.

  19. Bill

    Works will. don’t use the ANR much–don’t need to.

    Works will. don’t use the ANR much–don’t need to.

  20. Low flyer

    Very good alternative to the pricey one!!!!

    Just a little heavy

  21. PJ

    Great headset for the price. The ANR function works very well.

    After several flights with the ANR headset I find that it is comfortable and the ANR function works very well. The fact that the headsete uses readily available AA batteries is also a positive feature.

  22. Bob

    The set performs as well as the Lightspeed I have except that it only runs about five hours on a set of batteries. It needs a aux conection to an apu to be competative.

    I like the headset but I would not buy another one until the power usage problem is solved by a aux power connection or a “sleep function” where the set turns off when not used for say one minute.

    — FARO: Thank you for your feedback. Auxiliary Power is available as a special order. Please contact FARO Customer Service via 1-855-359-3276. Faro headsets now use 2 AA vs 9 volt, this will provide longer battery life (about 30 hours per two AA).

  23. DM

    Great Headset!

    I bought this headset last year to replace my PNR headset. Since I like flying IFR, I realized that the cockpit noise level would sometimes make me not hear ATC directives clearly. My initial plan was to retrofit my existing PNR headset and and add ANR to it. However I decided against the idea when I came across the Faro ANR headset. I chose the Faro ANR headset because it was affordable and I always knew that if I never liked it, I could always ship it back within 30 days for a refund.

    When I tried it, I was extremely impressed with it. Currently, when I am ready for a flight, I normally start my engine before putting on my headsets (with ANR turned off). When I turn on the ANR, the noise level drastically diminishes and I can hear ATC very clearly. I highly recommend this headset. I use is with a pair of rechargeable batteries. I also carry another spare set of rechargeable batteries. So far, I have never had to use my spare set.

  24. Smilin’ Jack

    Great for the value

    The headset works very, I have used them in a TriPacer as well as the Challenger I fly. At first the headset seemed tight so I just stretched them out a little and no more pressure. The ANR works but I have wondered as it seems to cut out the bass and I hear more high freq. So far the attenuation is good enough I have not used the ANR function that much.

    My only wish for the head set would be for Faro to use Leather ear gel ear seals, that would prevent the sweating usually that comes with wearing the head set for 3 or more hours…plus leather is a nice touch of class.

    — FARO: Leather is now available as an add-on for FARO headsets, please check the accessories section.

  25. Randy

    Awesome! Bose boys go silent, won’t admit they over spent. Clearly less hassel, same noise reduction as the Bose

    I fly a Skylane mostly and its loud in the cockpit. The G2’s quiet everything down and as it turns out lowers the stress. I’m very pleased – I can’t beleive you guys are back ordered???

  26. Mike

    Great Value

    I have an experimental with high cockpit noise. I only get 8-10 hours out of the AA. I wish the headset had a simple input for an aux 12V adapter.

  27. Peter

    G2 ANR Headset

    More than adequate, in fact the G2 ANR Headset is excellent. I have two sets for my Super Cub and on a recent four day journey from Washington State to Missouri, never once did I feel as if I had an head vice on. Whenever I asked ATC about the quality of my transmissions they ALL cam back with a strength 5 readability 5. The only reason I gave Noise Reduction a 4* is because they are not noise canceling. I thoroughly recommend them for quality, comfort and price.

  28. Bob

    Great headset for the price

    This is a great headset except for the battery holder. The reference guide showed that it uses 2 AA batteries, but the one I received uses a 9-V battery and the compartment that holds the battery is difficult to open. I have to pry it open. I would hate to have to open it during flight when there’s turbulence.

  29. Gmac

    Great headset

    Great headset for price very comfortable and clear audio

  30. brangus bull

    great product. will buy again when i need one

    gaet service.. had little problem and they sent a new one that day … I sent old one back. It was year old. giid people to do business with

  31. Dutchlusc

    Great Headset for a Great Price

    Fly a 172 mostly these days. Saw your ad in an AOPA and couldn’t pass on the free trial. I’ve tried a friend’s ANR set before…but can’t make a side by side comparison. Compared to the David Clarks I’ve used previously, the G2’s are comfortable, attractive and make my flying much more enjoyable by making ATC communication much clearer and quieter.

  32. Eric

    Model G2 ANR

    I just purchased your Faro model G2 ANR headset with the premium ear cushions. I made the purchase from Treasure Coast flight training in Stuart Florida. I am not a pilot or a frequent flyer, but I am a photojournalist that occasionally flies for aerial photography in my three county area. Flying costs a lot more money these days so my time in the air is important to the company I work for. I’m tired of using generic headsets for my flights so I purchased my own headset to ensure comfort reliability and good hygiene. From the moment the pilot started the 172 Cessna aircraft and I switched on the noise reduction feature I knew I had made the right choice. This headset provided very clear communications between the pilot and myself, which saves me time and the company money while getting to my aerial photography targets and relaying instructions to the pilot for the angles I need. And for the first time I could understand communications from the air-traffic controllers! So I want to thank you for making a great quality product that I’m sure will serve my needs for many years to come! I previously bought a headset from lightspeed that did not have ANR but the padding on the ear pads and cushion on the head deteriorated, coating me with black dust every time I wore them. I just ordered the Faro case, and extra ear pads from you, that might fit my lightspeed that I can keep for a backup.

    Many thanks for making a great product!

  33. Plane driver

    Pretty damn good headset for the money.

    Been flying long enough to have lost half my hearing, so trying to save what I have left is important to me (not to mention my wife). In 40 years and 20,000 plus hours I’ve used a lot of different headsets. Really liked the Bose X & A20 , but find the Faro G2 ANR on par with them. Comfortable, good sound , with excellent ANR, and good quality make these a best buy at the price. Tried one, liked it , got one for the wife, she liked it , so bought 2 more for the back seats. So far so good, headset has a lot of bang for the buck.

  34. Ace

    Great Headset but Why the Cheap Ear Cushions?

    These are excellent headsets. Prior to buying them I tried the Bose and Zulu2. This was the clear choise based on cost and they sounded just as quiet as the higher priced models. I simply don’t understand why they don’t come with the better ear cushions. The leather is the way to go. I wish they came with the leather ear cushions even if I had to pay a few more dollars to buy the unit. This review would be 5 stars all the way if it weren’t for the cushion issue.

    == Faro Team: Please note the ANR headset is offered both in Double Silicon and Leather Ear Seals. We would be happy to replace them for you if you prefer the leather.

  35. Raymond (verified owner)

    Nice Headset!!

    I have used Bose and Lightspeed ANR headsets. The FARO G2 ANR is on par with both. The only reason for the 4 star in quality was because of a bad jack on the headset. On the plus side, Faro replaced the headset, no questions asked.

  36. Ray Morley

    nice headset

    I just received my G2 ANR and overall I am pleased with the product. I realize that its difficult to change the style of a headset as they are all basically all the same idea but I think FARO should explore some changes in a few area’s.

    1) The battery box for the ANR should be retangular and not square.

    2) The ON/OFF switch should be a slider type switch as the rocker switch currently on the module will easily switch back on if you lay the headset down.

    3) It would be nice to reduce the headset weight by an ounce or two while not degrading on the quality of the headset.

    4) I found the individual volume controls on each ear cup difficult to match up.

    == FARO: Thank you for your suggestions. They have been sent to the engineering team.

  37. Justin

    Pleasantly Surprised

    Purchased this headset for a number of reasons… my headset stopped working so I had to get one ASAP. The FBO I was at had about 5 headsets, 4 were over $1,000 and then there was the Faro. I took it (never heard of faro) and wasn’t too happy about paying over $300 for a headset I’d never heard of and was surprised at how quiet they were. I use them all the time now and I quickly felt like the 300 plus was well spent. They are very nice even when the battery dies and I lose the ANR function. Will probably buy another set for my passenger.

  38. Marz (verified owner)

    Highly recommended! Give these a try! You can’t go wrong with the G2 ANR, especially at this price.

    You can’t go wrong with the G2 ANR, especially at this price. I am sure the Bose A20 is a great headset but is it $700 better…… I’m not sure!

    Give these a try, in my mind they’re cheap enough to try and if you aren’t happy with them you can sell them. That being said, I was impressed with the quality and have no complaints so far.

  39. Mark

    Nice Quiet Headset, Headband a little too large

    I have only flown once with the G2 ANR headset, it definitely cuts through all engine/prop noise of the C152 I was flying.

    In-Cockpit comms, are very clear, I have some hearing loss in one ear, the independent volume control works wonders for me.

    Downside: The headband doesn’t have quite enough range of adjustment, with a long warranty, I am not about to chop into/ or bend the head-band to increase the range.

    An engineering solution would be to have 2 sizes of head-band available, for larger and smaller heads.

  40. Jon (verified owner)

    All-around great product!

    This headset was the final piece in a puzzle that has resulted in a wonderfully quiet cockpit. My experimental is so noisy that the ambient noise constantly keyed the vox intercom and the resulting noise made long flights un-enjoyable. I turned down the COMM gain, added these ANR headsets, and put a leather cover over the wind muff on the mic, and … WOW, What a difference! It’s now quieter than my car!!! I had an issue with one of the headsets I purchased, and a replacement was sent right away, so kudo’s to the customer service department.

  41. Wizzard (verified owner)

    Quality headset at a value price. GREAT warranty service!!

    Had to contact customer service for a warranty repair after ten months of use. Customer service immediately seny me a brand new headset,shipped even before they received my old one, and paid for shipping both. I am impressed!!
    The new headset functions flawlessly, and the battery life is unbelievable. (I fly a Citabria, Cessna 172, and a Duchess). Great value all around.

  42. Tim (verified owner)

    A near-match to Lightspeed

    I’ve flown with Lightspeed headsets for over 10 years. As an audio engineer and pilot, I can tell you the Faro headsets are a near match to the Lightspeed headsets for half the price. The audio quality is a bit “tinnier”, meaning that the G2 ANR does not have as much base as the Lightspeed Zulu. The microphone picks up a bit more cockpit noise on transmit, but for those pilots on a budget, this headset is for you.

  43. David (verified owner)

    Pity I did not receive what I ordered

    My order finally cleared Customs. BUT I had ordered green w/leather. I received black with gel. But the green bag was correct

  44. Jody (verified owner)

    Awesome Headset

    Durability, sound quality and comfort are all 5⭐️ With this headset. I purchased a second ANR headset for my wife after trying mine out for a year. I love everything about the headset including the volume controls and the MP3 input. This headset is a great option for the student pilot or person on a budget. Buy it!

  45. Alan (verified owner)

    Great headset value and warranty

    Have been using for ~6 months now flying in a Cessna 208 and am very pleased. Headset is comfortable with great noise reduction in ANR mode and respectable noise reduction as passive headset.

    The integrated jack has come in really handy as well. I wish I could use the headset mic versus the phone mic when using the jack, but at this price point it is not a reasonable issue to complain about.

    I also appreciate that this headset uses AA batteries instead of 9v used by other manufacturers. Battery life is in line with the 20hrs advertised by Faro, so it is an economical headset to operate. The ANR switch is good, but might warrant a redesign, I have had a couple instances when the switch was accidentally toggled on putting the headset away, draining the batteries.

    Finally, I am really pleased with the warranty support. I ran into an issue where I would intermittently have the volume drop way down on the radio transmissions. I was ~90% sure it was a headset issue, though I couldn’t prove it definitively. When I called warranty support, I was able to quickly reach a live and knowledgeable representative who did not hesitate to offer sending out a warranty replacement. The quality of the support and the fact they didn’t require me to go without a headset (not an option for my job) during the swap really won my loyalty.

    Absolutely recommend the headset and the company.

  46. Andy Jamaludin

    Perfect! Money well spent!

    I was a bit skeptical with ANR technology thinking it was a waste of money as i initially thought that PNR was good enough. But after i did my research I decided to buy a G2 to replace my oldish headset. I even got to choose the colour that i wanted.

    Boy was my mind blown by the G2’s performance in every single way! Ive had it for over a year now and it still looks and functions as if it was still brand new.

    When its time to upgrade i will definitely stick with the Faro group. Keep up the good work!

  47. Dennis (verified owner)

    Impressive For The Price

    I ordered a set of G2 ANR headphones for use by my wife, so that she is comfortable and as quiet as possible while flying with me, yet not cost me a fortune. The ANR feature was what I was most interested in testing. I personally fly with Lightspeed Sierra headphones, which I really love, but they are nearly twice the price. I used the G2 headset exclusively on a recent 250nm x-country trip (each way) to see how they performed, especially with ATC. The G2 I ordered had the gel ear coverrs vice leather. For ANR purposes I feel the G2 worked extremely well. Not disappointed there at all. What I did notice was that commnications reception had somewhat of a more higher pitch and “tinny” sound than the really clear, rich, deep sound I get from my Lightspeed Sierra. It certainly wasn’t bad, nor was it a showstopper, but there was a definite difference in sound quality. I REALLY like the look of the G2. The polished black headphones to me look slick! Volume control with each ear was no problem setting up. Wife hasn’t flown with the G2 yet, but that will come soon enough. I truly do llike the G2 for the reasons I purchased it. I didn’t care whether it was Bluetooth capable or not, which my Lightspeed is, since DW doesn’t need Bluetooth. For what I bought it for, I’m very pleased with the G2. It is light years better than the Davis-Clark H10-13.4 headset (non-ANR) that I bought last year for her at nearly the same price as the G2. Ok the G2 is $80 more expensive, but close enough. That D-C headset is now relegated to the back seat for passenger back there!! Overall, I’d buy the G2 again, and I definitely would recommend it for pilot use. I’m just spoiled by my Lightspeed Sierra that costs nearly $700. If Faro can get the sound quality more along the lines of a richer, fuller sound, you’d put most other headset manufacturers out of business.

  48. Gabriel (verified owner)

    Best Price/Quality

    I am currently doing my PPL and after seeking for an headset. I am very happy with this one. I will update my review in a new month 🙂

  49. Cam

    Great value for money

    I ordered the G2 ANR headset from Faro, there was a very slight delay in processing and their point of contact immediately upgraded the shipping at no extra cost – awesome stuff!
    I have now been using the headset weekly for the last two months and I must say I am very impressed. Whilst not quiet as good as the Bose ANR, for the difference in price between the two products I wouldn’t expect them to be. However, they are perfect for my GA flying and would highly recommend them to anyone else. Comfortable, great customer service, adequate ANR and to be honest, even without the ANR turned on they are a good set.
    They only thing I would suggest needs modified would be the switch for the ANR as it can be accidentally turned on in the flight bag.
    Great set, great value for money, I will be looking forward to upgrading to the G3 in the future.
    Thanks Faro!

  50. johnna

    worked well, recommend to anyone else that doesn’t want to spend

    i bought this headset back in February, when I was supposed to start flying. I only took the ground class then, and just got up last weekend for the first time so I never tried them out before. my delay in using them notwithstanding, they were delivered to me in 2 days. thanks for that.
    I don’t have much to compare them with. I tried a few on in the store, but there’s not much background noise to block out. when I went up, the trainer brought out a pair of David Clark headphones (I believe H10-13.4?) and I tried them first, but the Faro G2 ANR headphones were much more comfortable and had lower outside noise even without the ANR switched. I rated them a 4 in comfort because they were quite warm after 45 min or an hour of flying. they were plenty comfortable feeling, maybe the problem was the temp in the cockpit was too high? IDK.
    with the ANR switched on it shut out the rest of the world completely! very good. I would recommend them to anyone not looking to drop $1k on the Bose A20 (which I only tried in the store, not flying), but still want good quality, low noise, comfortable headphones. quite satisfied with them.

  51. John (verified owner)

    They work great.

    The first time i used them I started the plane and thought something was wrong because of the quietness.

  52. Jody

    Awesome ANR headsets!

    I purchased 2 ANR headsets and am glad I paid the extra money. After receiving my PPL I wanted to upgrade to my own ANR from the old ones I used to borrow from the flight school. What a difference. I regularly fly 2-3 hours at a time and the headset is very comfortable, not fatiguing and no excessive squeeze. Great sound and never an issue in hearing or speaking with the crew in my Cherokee or with the tower. I also purchased 2 of the PNR headsets for the back seats and Faro has sent me an $100 upgrade coupon for each set so now the whole crew can be ANR. Thanks Faro!

  53. Travis (verified owner)

    Great for the money

    The headset is made well and the active noise reduction seems to work great. The only isssue I have is the passive noise reduction is not very good.
    I would recommend!

  54. Grant

    Well built, perfectly priced, and works as described!

    When starting my VFR private pilot’s license, I was tired of using the rugged and beat up PNR headsets. Although wanting a great ANR headset, I was on a tight budget. After looking at beaten up, mistreated headsets on eBay and other auction websites, I stumbled upon the FARO G2 (ANR) headset. At 350.00$, I thought it was too good to be true. But! After five hours logged with the headset, these work exactly as described by FARO! It cuts out all the unnecessary engine noises while allowing for the pilot to hear voices and wind noise. The ANR does not have a loud ‘White Noise’ that you can hear, which is great! The mic works great, ATC even made a comment that my mic quality was “excellent”. They are extremely comfortable! The memory foam pad on the top does not get hot and is made from high quality material. The leather ear cups form to the sides of your head, which is great but they don’t clamp as much. While these headphones are great, there are a couple cons. While the leather cups feel nice, they don’t have the clamping necessary at certain times. When you turn your head, it feels as though the leather breaks seal leaking in noises. Even when you wear bayoneted aviator sunglasses, the leather is too soft and again the seal is broken. Which can get very annoying. Too me, although the leather is comfortable, the gel ear cups look to be bigger and clamp better. That is my only gripe with these headphones. When I get to my commercial license, I will definitely consider buying another FARO product again and have already recommended others to buy a pair! They are excellent!

  55. C172 driver (verified owner)

    Fabulous headset and the price is right

    The Faro G2 ANR is a great product that works as advertised. This headset is extremely comfortable. I have had them on for a couple of hours and barely notice that they are on, that’s how comfortable they are. The active noise reduction is really good for this price range.
    The customer service at Faro is the gold standard. They respond quickly and provide complete answers to questions. The shipping is fast, in summary just a delight to do business with .
    I have just place an order for one more G2 ANR headset. Thank you Faro!

  56. Rajendra Gahlawat

    Good product and un-parallel support

    This is my second Faro headset, first G2 PNR and then G2 ANR. Both products work as per expectations. I would rate 5 stars to prompt customer support and value I received as a customer from Faro (whole credit goes to Kevin Walton in support). He is the guy everybody should get in touch with if there is a problem with any of the Faro Product.

    I received a faulty G2 ANR from online sales site and Kevin made all the efforts to make customer go happy. I got a replacement headset without any delay.

    For the price I paid, I would recommend this product to anybody.


    I made a wise choice

    Got the G2’s about a week ago. Build quality is very good. The adjustments on the headset of size could be a little smoother but overall its fine.
    The ANR seems more than adequate, haven’t had a chance to go fly but did some other testing with them in constant noise situations and all was very good. Super happy.
    I give the comfort a very high rating, can easily see wearing these for extended periods of time.
    Overall I highly recommend this headset. Glad I made the decision to get them.

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